Friday, September 4, 2009

Featured Diva - Week #10

Hello everyone!! Happy Saturday!!!! This weeks FEATURED DIVA is................. DEB P (chosen by my DH)!!!! Congratulations Jan!!! Your card will be featured in the FEATURED DIVA SLIDESHOW!!!!! And you also win 2 free images from Karen's Doodles!!!

Please email me (Chris) at and I will tell you how to claim your prize.

Everyone who entered this week WILL have your cards put into the Doodle Diva Gallery slideshows! THANK you to ALL who entered!!! Please pass on the word, lets try to hit 15 entries next week!!!!!

Start emailing me your projects for next weeks FEATURED DIVA!!! Don't forget to write Featured Diva in the subject line so I know it is your entry, and not ANOTHER British lottery winning!!!! LOL Can't wait to see this weeks submissions!!!!

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Anonymous said...

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We love our Doodle Divas!!!