Monday, March 2, 2009

Featured Diva #25 (new info posted....please read!)

Hello everyone!! THANK you to all who submitted this week, GREAT entries, WOW!!

**NOTE** I will draw a FEATURED DIVA from the first 10 entries I get. I won't have the biweekly contest as I'm not getting a lot of entries I decided to try it this way!!! I know there are a lot of challenges out there, and I understand everyone is busy! So, lets give this a whirl!!!! After I get 10 entries, I will draw a winner. Then those 10 entries will be put into the slideshows and I will start again with another 10 entries. How does that sound??

ALSO, you can enter up to THREE (3) cards each time!!!!

Karen has made a badge for all of the winners. When I email you about your winnings, I will attach the badge. PLEASE let me know if I forget!!!! THANKS!!! :)

This weeks FEATURED DIVA is................. CATHY TANNER for her Donkey card!

Congratulations Cathy!! Your card will be featured in the FEATURED DIVA SLIDESHOW!!!!! And you also win 2 free images from Karen's Doodles!!!

Please email me (Chris) at and I will tell you how to claim your prize.

Everyone who entered this week WILL have your cards put into the Doodle Diva Gallery slideshows! THANK you to ALL who entered!!! Please pass on the word, lets try to hit 15 entries next week!!!!!

Start emailing me your projects for the next FEATURED DIVA!!! Don't forget to write Featured Diva in the subject line so I know it is your entry, and not ANOTHER British lottery winning!!!! LOL Can't wait to see this rounds submissions!!!!

We love our Doodle Divas!!!